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    At Barefoot Archery, we carry the top five bow brands in the industry Bear, Elite, Hoyt, Mathews and PSE. From traditional longbows and recurve to modern compound, as well as crossbows and bows for fishing, we have it all! Looking for something specific, or not sure what you need? Ask any of our helpful store associates for advice and help locating what you need. learn more »

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    We carry top of the line hunting heads from the best brands in the industry. We have a variety of broadheads for Compounds, Crossbows and Traditional Recurves in fixed or expandables. Not sure what’s right for what you need? Depending on you set up we will help you pick the best head for the game you are after. learn more »

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    Compound Bows

    Since being invented in the 70’s the compound bow has dominated the archery industry. Today we have over a dozen National bow companies and many Regional bow companies. At Barefoot Archery we carry the best of the majors Bear, Elite, Hoyt, Mathews and PSE. We carry the complete line of bows from these companies from entry level to top shelf. Once you have made a choice we will custom fit it to you and teach you how to shoot. learn more »

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    Barefoot Archery carries a wide variety of arrows from Carbon Express, Easton, and Gold Tip. Although most arrows are made of carbon now we still carry aluminum, wood and composite (aluminum/carbon) arrows. We also carry a selection of nocks and fletching so you can craft the perfect arrow for your bow and shooting style. Unsure what you need or looking for something specific? Our staff knows archery and can help you find the right arrows or arrow parts for your archery needs. learn more »

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    Recurve Bows

    Compound bows are not allowed in the Olympic Games. Olympic archers must use Recurve bows in competition. Now not all recurves are used for Olympic competition.   In fact the majority of recurves are used for backyard recreational shooting. We carry recurve bows from the best companies and have them from beginner to Olympic style. learn more »

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    No matter what your game, Hunting, 3D tournaments or backyard recreation improve your accuracy with a bow sight. We have a good variety of the bestselling bow sights in the industry. From a single pin adjustable to multiply pin fiber optics we have a sight for you. At Barefoot Archery we can install a sight and help you adjust it on our Indoor Range. learn more »

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    Our staff has many years of experience in Hunting, 3D Competition, and Recreational Archery to help you find the accessory to fit your need. From arrows and sights to peeps, rests, releases, and more, Barefoot Archery has what you need to accessorize your bow and get you out shooting! Not sure what you need or not finding what you're looking for? Just ask any of our helpful staff members and they'll help you find an item, or we'll special order it for you. learn more »

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    We have a good selection of crossbows from hunting to black tactical. We carry Parker Bows, Mission, and Carbon Express crossbows. With the purchase of a crossbow we take you on the range and sight it in at 20 yards. Like our conventional bows we teach you how to use your equipment safely. Locally we do not have any crossbow competition and most crossbows are used for hunting. Although crossbows are accurate at 60 yards or more we recommend hunting shots be taken under 40 yards. learn more »

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    The only bow that doesn’t need a rest is a long bow that you shoot off the shelf. We have a large selection of arrow rests from simple to high end Full Containment Drop Aways. Arrow Rests purchased at Barefoot Archery are installed at no charge and we use lasers and levels to insure perfect installation. learn more »

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    Most compound bows today are designed for use with a release. Releases or Triggers reduce string torque and achieve more stable arrow flight. You have several different releases for different styles of shooting. You have wrist straps, hand held and back tension our staff will gladly assist you in determining what style best suites your needs. learn more »